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Art Style Price
Portraits charcoal - $100.00 per head
pencil - $50.00 per head
Comic Book Illustrations pencil - $15.00 per character
pen and ink - $25.00 per character
pencilled pages - $100.00 per page
inked pages - $100.00 per page
Cartoon Characters pencil - $10.00 per character
pen and ink - $20.00 per character
Logos $50.00 and up.
Graphic Art Please inquire with project. See guidelines below.

Business Cards

$20.00 per hour.

Ad Slicks

$50.00 and up. 

Web Pages/Animation

$20.00 per hour. 

Photoshop Composites

$15.00 per hour.

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Just send me an e-mail detailing your request. 

  2. If you're ordering a portrait, please send a high quality picture.

  3. I will get back with you via e-mail to discuss form of payment.

postage and handling extra.

Yes, I would like to purchase some art.   Here's my request!

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